Mid-Atlantic RF Systems, Inc. offers a full range of products for Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave (MW) applications.  In addition to these ready to build products, we offer custom build solutions using your designs or modification to the solutions listed below.


Custom Build

AMPLM970 960 to 1240 MHz Low Noise Figure, High IP#
PA48V 150-2400MHz
MAIF6020-80 60 MHz, Customizable High Performance, High Dynamic Range Log Amplifier

Utilizing the latest Power Device Technologies such as GaN, LDMOS and GaAs. We are positioned to provide Low Cost Power Amplifier solutions to suit your system’s needs. Our amplifiers are designed to be Flexible and Adaptive; Both are achieved by an open digital control firmware interface and efficient packaging optimized for thermal management and size.


For Prototype, Short Runs or Long Running Production needs, we offer customization of our standard products to meet your program requirements.

Testing and Compliance


Our staff includes IPC-A-610/EIA J-STD001 Certified Assemblers and Inspectors.  In addition to product design we also offer test services and software interfaces for our custom designed applications


Mid-Atlantic RF Systems offers a broad range of hybrid and directional coupler products available in a multitude of packages. They are proven performers in a wide variety of RF power amplifiers, attenuators and phase shifters.


Mid-Atlantic’s 90º hybrid couplers offer the highest performance for WLL, Cellular, GSM, PCS, and PCN applications available in the marketplace today.


Mid-Atlantic's directional couplers for WLL, cellular, GSM, PCS, and PCN applications are proven performers; consistent performance is standard.  They are designed into many base station amplifiers for output/reflected power measurement and feedforward applications.

Surface Mount 90° Hybrid Couplers Surface Mount Directional Couplers
HY20 170-230 MHz DC30-20C 330 +/- 25 MHz
HY33-S3 225 - 451 MHz DC91-10 815 - 960 MHz
HY45 350 - 520 MHz DC195-10B 1700 - 2000 MHz
THY450 400 - 520 MHz DC195-20A 1700 - 2000 MHz
HY67PNC-3 470 - 860 MHz DC260-25P 2300 - 2900 MHz
HY89 815 - 960 MHz
HYQM-42-T 1000 - 2000 MHz
HY140 1200 - 1700 MHz
HY150 1500 - 2100 MHz Connectorized Directional Couplers
HY174 1320 - 1980 MHz CPLM-970 500 - 2000 MHz
HY185 1700 - 2400 MHz
SHY185 1700 - 2400 MHz
HYUMTS 1900 - 2300 MHz
HY215 1900 - 2400 MHz
BHY3000 2000 - 4000 MHz
X214-13 2100 - 2200 MHz
HY244 2240 - 2640 MHz
HY245 2100 - 2800 MHz
SHY350 2700 - 3600 MHz
BHY6000 4000 - 8000 MHz
SHY550 5000 - 6000 MHz

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Mid-Atlantic's Multi-couplers are intended for use with analog Video (0 to 2V) and TTL (0 to 5V) distribution systems. They provide a low cost means to provide a number of channels of RF or TTL Logic signals from an antenna or other source to three individual loads. The unit is specified to operate over wide frequency range, and is fully tested to assure compliance over that range. This unit is designed to be rack mounted into an EIA 19 inch “relay” rack and has all connections made to the unit’s rear panel. The front panel contains only the power switch which has an LED power indicator which illuminates when the unit is powered.


Controls include an AC Power switch on the front panel and gain and DC offset trim adjustments for each of the output channels on the rear panel. Internal circuits are forced air cooled. Standard operation is with forced air cooling always on, but an option is designed in to control the forced air cooling via the internal temperature. Gain trim is set to unity during factory test. DC offset is set to 0VDC during factory test.


Mid-Atlantic RF Systems can customize these units to exact specifications required by customer.

RFDU05 RF Distribution Unit / Multicoupler 19" Rack Mount
MAVD05D Video Multicoupler 19" Rack Mount

Receivers / Tuners

The LCR series of tuners/receivers provide a low cost solution for an assortment of military and commercial applications. The double-conversion superheterodyne receiver with integral synthesizer can be configured with a 160 MHz IF output/100 MHz bandwidth or a 1 GHz IF output/500 MHz bandwidth. The small, lightweight tuner/receiver covers the frequency range from 0.5 to 18 GHz, with a tuning step size of 1 MHz. Modular packaging permits a variety of physical layout options. The LCR circuitry is contained in two 2” x 3” x 1” modules. RF input and IF output functions are completely contained in one module. The 1st and 2nd LO functions are in a second module. Multi-channel receiver configurations can be constructed easily with a common LO module and multiple RF/IF modules.


A ruggedized package option is available to meet more stringent environmental requirements.


Note: Customized versions of the standard product can be supplied.

LCR100 Low Cost Tuner / Receiver Solution 0.5 to 18 GHz
TUN2-LM01 Dual Channel, Programmable 1710 to 1850 Mhz
TUN8-LM02 8-Channel, Programmable 1350 to 1850 MHz


SPM01C Single pole, high isolation single throw RF switch 10 to 2000 MHz
DPM01C Single pole, double throw RF switch 10 to 2000 MHz


Mid-Atlantic RF Systems designs and manufacture RF Synthesizers Modules for a wide variety of applications. They are typically use as high performance sources in applications where performance is paramount. Mid-Atlantic has designs based on both DDS (Direct-Digital-Synthesizer) and PLL (Phase-Locked-Loop) architecture so that customer can decide on which type best fits their application. Synthesizers can have either self-contained internal references, or be locked to an external reference. Synthesizers are typically controlled via TTL control. Optional modulation input is available. Custom designs can also be designed to meet your unique specifications.

RFS9685-428-1B Parallel Settings, Modulation Input 1kΩ 406 to 450 MHz / 100 kHz Steps
RFSU-9215B Parallel Settings 200 to 250 MHz / 5 Mhz Steps
RFSU-9215C Parallel Settings 250 to 300 MHz
DS-120B DDS-Based 5 to 120 MHz / 24 Hz Steps
SYNSN45 Dual Loop, Stable Local Oscillator 3210 to 3410 MHz